Do You Need A Dish For BT TV?

Will BT TV work with other providers?

The youview box will work on another provider for freeview and catch up services aka bbciplayer,itv, netflix etc, you will not be able to get you bt channels including bt sport though as these are tied to your line..

How much does it cost to install a TV aerial?

The average TV aerial installation cost is £150 (materials) + £100 (labour) = £250.

Is BT TV any good 2020?

Verdict. With its deal with Now TV, BT TV offers a flexible way to add premium content to the mix, alongside the option for AMC and BT Sport channels. It’s also the only medium through which you can record content from live Now TV channels, so that they appear like the regular Freeview channels the set-top box supports …

Can I get BT TV through a satellite dish?

There is no way to connect a BT TV box to a Sky satellite dish, it needs to be connected to a Freeview aerial.

Can you use TV without aerial?

Yes. You can watch a smart TV without an aerial but you won’t be able to access Freeview (or any other terrestrial broadcasts) and you’ll be limited to the content on your TV’s internet streaming apps. You could also consider buying an inexpensive portable indoor aerial to unlock Freeview channels.

How long does it take to install a TV aerial?

roughly between one and two hoursHow Long Does a TV Aerial Installation take? The average time it takes to complete a TV Aerial Installation is roughly between one and two hours.

Does BT TV work without an aerial?

BT TV boxes will work without a Freeview aerial connected, but you’ll be missing out on lots of channels and some On Demand services. … You’ll need to connect your aerial and scan your channels in order to receive all of your On Demand services.

What do you need for BT TV?

To get BT TV you need to have BT Broadband. BT TV combines Freeview channels via your aerial, with premium channels and Video On Demand via your broadband connection. There’s a minimum line speed for BT TV. When you’re placing your order we’ll tell you the broadband speed.

Will BT install a TV aerial?

We’ve partnered with aerial install specialists Total Support Group (TSG) who provide an aerial install service to BT TV customers. An aerial will give you access to Freeview channels, like BBC and ITV.

How much is BT TV per month?

BT TV prices start at just £12 a month (for Entertainment) plus the price of whichever broadband option you decide on. Big Entertainment costs £22 per month, Sport costs £15 per month, Big Sport costs £40 per month and VIP costs £65 per month.

What’s the cheapest way to get BT Sport?

The cheapest way to get BT Sport is typically to get a BT Broadband package, and add BT Sport as an extra. The downside is that you can’t watch on a telly – only computer and smartphone app. That means that it might not be the best choice for you.

What speed broadband do I need for BT TV?

44Mb/sBT Customers: For UHD content BT recommend a minimum speed of 44Mb/s to ensure a good picture and sound quality. You can check your existing internet speed using a broadband speed checker.

Can I connect my BT TV box wirelessly?

At present the best STB that BT TV offers is their Ultra HD (4K) equipped YouView box (Humax DTR-T4000), although like so many other PVR-capable (Personal Video Recorder) devices on the YouView+ platform it lacks WiFi and can only be connected via a wired Ethernet (LAN) cable to your broadband router.

Do I need a dish to watch BT Sport?

You need to have Freesat from Sky to order BT Sport on Freesat. This means you’ll need a Sky box and Sky dish if you want to watch BT Sport on the Sky Digital Satellite Platform.

Do I need BT TV if I have a smart TV?

Re: I have a smart TV and don’t use the BT-TV box; do I need BT TV classic? Unless you want BT Classic TV you really don’t need it, or your youview box.

How much does it cost to add BT TV to broadband?

BT TV prices start at just £12 a month (for Entertainment) plus the price of whichever broadband option you decide on.

Can I get BT sport without a box?

Re: Can i watch bt sport on tv without a sky box? A standard Freeview box will find the channels but they will be encrypted. Without a subscription to a pay-TV service (BTTV, Sky, Virgin), the only way to view BT Sport on a telly is by streaming from the internet to a computer and connecting it to the telly.

Can I install my own TV aerial?

Installation is much more work than a loft or indoor aerial, as you need to attach the outdoor aerial to your outside wall or chimney. Need to connect the aerial to the TV using a long coax cable and drill holes in wall.

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