Is Seinfeld The Best Sitcom Ever?

What is considered the best sitcom of all time?

‘Will & Grace’ (NBC, 1998-2006, 2017-2020) …

‘Sanford and Son’ (NBC, 1972-1977) …

‘WKRP in Cincinnati’ (CBS, 1978-1982) …

‘Peep Show’ (Channel 4, 2003-2015) …

‘One Day at a Time’ (Netflix, 2017-2019; Pop, 2020) …

‘New Girl’ (Fox, 2011-2018) …

‘Blackadder’ (BBC One, 1983-1989) …

‘Futurama’ (Fox, 1999-2003; Comedy Central, 2008-2013)More items…•May 4, 2021.

Is Seinfeld the best sitcom of all time?

Most sitcoms today try to be a jack of all trades, but are usually a master of none. Seinfeld was the master. Of course, Seinfeld is unquestionably one of the best sitcoms of all-time.

What’s Better Friends or Seinfeld?

Friends Is The Winner Overall Seinfeld beat Friends at the time, and it remains more of a critical darling now, for example holding a Tomatometer score of 89%, compared to Friends’ 78%.

What was the longest running TV sitcom?

The Simpsons1 The Simpsons (1989 – Present) The Simpsons win the grand prize for being the longest-running sitcom of all time. It’s been on air since 1989, after all.

Is there any sitcom Better Than Friends?

This is, of course, subjective, but I consider these series to be better than Friends (1994) : “Seinfeld” (1989) “The Simpsons” (1989) “Cheers” (1982)

Seinfeld was the first sitcom to be completely amoral. That was its appeal. You see before Seinfeld, sitcoms were always in some way sentimental, they focused on some kind of hero or idealized family, they were about “good people”. They had an aspirational quality to them, and they were always teaching you lessons.

Seinfeld is widely regarded as one of the greatest and most influential sitcoms of all time. It has been ranked among the best television shows of all time in publications such as Entertainment Weekly, Rolling Stone, and TV Guide….SeinfeldGenreSitcom Slice of lifeCreated byLarry David Jerry Seinfeld21 more rows

What is the highest grossing sitcom of all time?

The Top 10 Highest Earning Sitcoms In Syndication4 ‘The Sopranos’ ($200 Million Episode)5 ‘Fraiser’ ($13 Million Per Year) … 6 ‘Everybody Loves Raymond’ ($18 Million Per Year) … 7 ‘The Simpsons’ ($1 Million Per Episode) … 8 ‘The Big Bang Theory’ ($1.5 Million Per Episode) … 9 ‘Friends’ ($1 Billion Per Year) … 10 ‘Seinfeld’ ($3 Million Per Episode) … More items…•Mar 13, 2021

What sitcom made the most money?

The cast members of Friends and The Big Bang Theory were the highest-paid TV actors in history. Just how much were they paid per season? Two TV sitcoms, Friends and The Big Bang Theory, had record payouts.

Is friends the most successful sitcom ever?

And a decade-plus after the last episode aired, and (almost) everyone was happy because Ross and Rachel did get together in the end after all, it seems Friends still has a place in everyone’s hearts. …

What’s the most successful TV show ever?

TV shows that are the most successful worldwideGame of Thrones. Game of Thrones is and will stay, without a doubt, THE tv series of the last decade. … Breaking Bad. In 2014, the tv phenomenon led by Bryan Cranston was the most binge-watched show according to Time Magazine. … Stranger Things. … Friends. … The Walking Dead. … The Big Bang Theory.Jul 30, 2020

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