Question: Do You Need A Subscription For A YouView Box?

Can you use YouView box without subscription?

Likewise this left owners of retail YouView STBs with no free alternative to use.

However, in a surprise twist, the TV platform developer has today confirmed that BT will be “opening up” the remote record functionality within their own app for all YouView users to use (no subscription required)..

Is YouView better than Freeview?

Sure, Freesat has the most channels. And Freeview might well be the kindest to your wallet. But for us, YouView is the best of three services. … Better still, you can get loads of extra channels and hours of on demand extras if you get the box via a BT TV or TalkTalk TV package.

Does a Freeview box need Internet?

Problems watching programmes on Freeview? … If you only want to watch digital terrestrial Freeview channels, you won’t need an internet connection. But if you have a Freeview Play device and want to access catch-up and on-demand content, then you’ll need an internet connection of at least 2Mbps.

How do I get YouView on my TV?

Press the GUIDE button on your remote Select the YouView app in the Featured apps menu Select Watch TV on the home screen Press the TV button on your remote Select Programme Guide in the Apps menu Select the Digital Input in the Input menu on Page 8 PAGE 8 Know what you want to watch then its simple and speedy – search …

Does YouView cost?

BT YouView – What’s it all about? YouView is a great choice of set top box for your TV – it’s subscription-free, and lets you watch over 70 free-to-air channels. But with a BT TV ( package, you’ll get your snazzy YouView box included free of charge… with a few added extras.

Does a YouView box have to be connected to the Internet?

A YouView Box FAQ You can use YouView without an internet connection but you’ll be missing out on what makes YouView, YouView. … YouView boxes do not use WiFi so if your router is too far from your YouView box, then you can use powerline adapters to connect to your box.

What happens to YouView box at end of contract?

Re: Using youview box after contract ends The box will continue to work as a retail YouView box. You may have to do a maintenance reset for it to work on your new providers network. You will continue to get updates via TalkTalk to the box when they are scheduled. You will though lose all access to TalkTalk services.

Do you need a YouView box for Smart TV?

Re: Do I still need TT YouView BOx with Smart TV? It depends what you use the box for. Recording is the main feature of the box. smart TV will only normally come with 1 tuner, so if you plan to use a USB device to record on, you won’t be able watch anything while recording.

Can I use my YouView box after leaving BT?

Will my YouView box from BT work if I decide to leave BT? Yes, Freeview channels will still work on these boxes but any Extra TV channels you signed up to from BT will stop working.

How does Talk Talk TV box work?

How does TalkTalk TV work? TalkTalk TV costs £4 per month with no upfront fees for the set-top box. Once customers have received their box, they can watch 80 live Freeview channels including 15 in HD along with accessing free streaming services and apps.

How do I get YouView to work?

To enable/disable YouViewPress the HOME button, then select [Settings] — [Watching TV] — [Channels] — [Channel setup] — [YouView setup].Select [Enable YouView] or [Disable YouView], and then select [Yes].Follow the set-up procedure.

What’s the difference between YouView and Freeview play?

As Freeview Play is an open platform, TV and set-top box manufacturers can shape the service to offer what they like. Our advice: check before you get your credit card out. YouView, on the other hand, has the Netflix app on its platform by default, along with Now TV and (for those with a BT TV subscription) BT Player.

What’s happened to YouView app?

YouView Refocus Away from Direct to Consumer IPTV Products UPDATE. … The first casualty of this shift in approach will be YouView’s own stand-alone mobile app for Android and iOS (Apple) devices, which will see final support ending on the 31st March 2020.

Is YouView free?

YouView is an on demand TV service with over 70 live digital channels. … It is also available to buy subscription free from all major retailers and many independent electrical stores as well as integrated in a range of Sony Android TVs.

How do I switch from YouView to Freeview?

The solution is to press the On/Standby button on the remote for just over five seconds, and cause the TV to soft reboot. After this, you should find the YouView EPG as snappy as the Freeview one.

What is the USB port on my YouView box for?

The purpose of the USB slot on my Youview box is no use to the consumer of the service, but via a freeview play box or freeview play TV such as Panasonic, I can record a programme and take the USB with me, play it on another TV such as take it to a friends, Play it on my computer, so if I want to relax in a coffee shop …

Can I buy a YouView box?

You can get a YouView box in one of two ways – either as part of a bundle from BT or TalkTalk (combining broadband, YouView, and optional extra TV channels), or by buying the box directly from a retailer.

What channels do I get with YouView?

A basic YouView box gets you over 70 digital TV channels, including: BBC, ITV, Channel 4, Channel 5, and lots of entertainment, news, and radio channels. You can add on tons more with BT TV or TalkTalk TV too – such as Sky 1, Nat Geo, Comedy Central, and Disney Channel.

Will my YouView box work if I leave TalkTalk?

Re: Will Youview+ box work after leaving TalkTalk TV? The box would work with another provider, but would only receive subscription based channels if that provider supplied youview content. All the usual freeview and on demand services such as BBC Iplayer , ITV player etc would continue to work.

How many YouView boxes can I have?

How many boxes can I have? You can have as many YouView boxes as you want at home. You can use them to watch Freeview channels and watch On Demand.

Can you get Disney+ on YouView?

The BT TV Youview boxes don’t offer the Disney + App on them. So to watch Disney + you will need a supported device / devices from the list on this link below. Please note that the link is missing the NowTV Stick / Boxes (apart from the old white box) which also supports the Disney + App.

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