Question: Is Set Top Box Refundable?

How do I return my den set top box?

Any person seeking connection or disconnection or reconnection or shifting of cable service connection or intending to obtain or return Set Top Box (STB) at a place has to submit prescribed application form duly authenticated and completed in all respects to DEN Networks Ltd (DEN) or its Linked Cable Operators (LCOs)..

What can I do with old set top box?

What can you make out of an old cable box? Make it a mini-PC/Server, transform it in a multimedia appliance, a small factor NAS, a mini-Gateway server… there are hundreds of possibilities. If you prefer not make it some original piece of computer hardware, you could choose a non technical purpose for your cable box.

What happens if I recharge Tata Sky twice?

In case you have accidentally recharged the same number twice, you will receive the benefits for both recharges. We suggest you enjoy the double benefits that you have received.

Can I stop Tatasky for few days?

As mentioned before, Tata Sky allows its customers to temporarily suspend their account with this offer. The maximum time that a user can suspend their account is five days. This will come in handy when you are away for a few days and don’t want that annual recharge plan to go waste.

Can we stop Tatasky for few days?

You can suspend the services for any number of days you want.

How can I deactivate Multi TV on Tata Sky?

If you don’t know about how to unsubscribe all unwanted channel TATA Sky channels by Website then you have an option customer care, you can simply dial 18602086633 from your mobile number and ask for deactivation process to the TATA sky customer care executive.

Can I use old Dish TV set top box?

You can use the old dish and cable with a new set top box. Only the angle of the dish needs to be set as per the requirements of Sun Direct – this will require you to call a Sun Direct professional. … They have testing meters to check for signal strength and quality after turning/rotating the dish.

Is Tata Sky costly?

With the new prices, a Tata Sky subscription becomes more expensive than Airtel but cheaper than DishTV. … A secondary SD connection from Tata Sky has been increased to Rs 1,399 from Rs 1,299, while a secondary HD connection is priced at Rs 1,199, up from Rs. 999.

Is Tata Sky set top box refundable?

A. Subscriber of Tata Sky Limited (‘Company’) will be eligible to receive a refund of the Account Balance (‘Refund’) as per the terms provided in this Refund Policy. Subscribers will be eligible to receive a Refund of their Account Balance on deactivation/termination of his/her Subscriber Account (‘Cancellation’).

Can I sell my set top box?

As per the country’s prevailing laws and regulations, nobody is allowed to sell or resell their Dish TV set top box. If you’re done with your DTH connection and don’t want to keep it active anymore, you can easily call up Dish TV customer care and surrender the set-top box which will be picked up from your location.

Can I return my Airtel set top box?

Set Top Box comes with a warranty of 1 year. b) Repair of Set top box shall be done by Airtel only….4. Refund Policy of Security Deposit:Time of Return of Set Top BoxSecurity Deposit refund<12 months of active usageno refund>12 months of active usageINR 1500

Can we deactivate Tata Sky?

It can be done in Help&FAQ section of Tata Sky app too or by contacting Tata Sky through Live Chat or Call. You account will be deactivated and no balance will be deducted during that period. There are no charges for this, it’s completely free.

How do I get a refund from Dish?

To send us a refund request, you need to email us your name, Dish TV number (VC number) or mobile number, the recharge value, the transaction date and the order number. We will investigate and upon approval, we will refund you within six working days from the receipt of your complaint.

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