What Channel Is Fox Soccer Plus?

Fox Soccer Plus
DirecTV (US) 621-1 (HD) (part-time) 621 (SD)
Dish Network (US) 391 (SD only)
Verizon FiOS 1009 (SD only)

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What channel is Fox Soccer Plus on optimum?

The standard-definition version of FSS has long been available on channel 142 as part of the iO TV digital programming package, while Cablevision is positioning Fox Soccer Plus on channel 461 as part of its iO Sports Pak.

What do you get with Fox Soccer Plus?

FOX Soccer Plus brings you the best international and club soccer. You’ll get 90 UEFA Champions League matches, 76 Scottish Premier League matches, England’s FA Cup, and UEFA Europa League. You also get top rugby action, including the Heineken Cup, National Rugby League, and more!

What leagues are on Fox Soccer Plus?

Soccer coverage available in English and Spanish on Fox Sports includes the UEFA Champions League and Europa League, Major League Soccer, German Bundesliga, Copa Libertadores, domestic Scottish competitions, matches from the U.S. men’s and women’s national teams, FIFA men’s and women’s World Cup and FIFA Confederations

What network is soccer on?

Fox Soccer Channel Soccer Schedule

Fox Sports is a prominent sports broadcasting network operating several television and radio channels in the United States.