What Is The USB Port On My TalkTalk YouView Box For?

Can you get BritBox on YouView?

Streaming service Britbox is now available on BT TV YouView boxes, bringing with it a trove of vintage comedy, drama and documentaries from the BBC, ITV and Channel 4 archives..

What apps are available on TalkTalk TV?

How does TalkTalk TV work?Now TV.Netflix.Amazon Prime Video.BritBox.Mar 16, 2021

What is the USB port for on a YouView box?

The USB port on the YouView box is only to accept software updates, which more usually arrive over the Internet anyway, but there have been USB-only updates in the past, and I guess it might be useful in extremis, if a box starts declining to connect to the Internet.

Can I transfer recordings from my YouView box?

You can’t move recorded content from one box to another, but you can continue to watch recordings on your old box as usual.

Is YouView discontinued?

We are simplifying our product range and from 19th January we will no longer offer YouView TV. Existing customers can continue to watch their YouView TV package and still be able to enjoy great content as part of the BT Sport App.”

Do I still need my YouView box with a smart TV?

It depends what you use the box for. Recording is the main feature of the box. smart TV will only normally come with 1 tuner, so if you plan to use a USB device to record on, you won’t be able watch anything while recording.

How do I download apps on my TalkTalk YouView box?

Re: Apps on TalkTalk YouView box No, it’s not possible to add apps to the box. Apps are fixed and are set by YouView and the ISP, so there can be variations sometimes between TalkTalk and BT for example as with BT having Netflix before TalkTalk boxes, but none have the Sounds app.

How do I record from my BT YouView box?

To record the programme you’re currently watching, press the record [R] button on your remote control. You can also set a recording now, or in the future, within the TV guide. Use the arrow keys to locate and highlight the programme you want to record, and then press the record [R] button on your remote control.

How do I get my YouView remote to control my TV?

Turn your TV on and off (standby)…Find your TV code. Find the code for your TV from the list of most common manufacturers below. … Tune in your remote. Hold down TV Power and TV AV until the blue light on the remote flashes three times. … That’s it. You can now control your TV with your YouView remote.

How do I transfer recordings from Humax?

Simply connect both formatted drives to a PC and drag and drop your files from the old drive to the new one. The whole process is a lot simpler of you install the Custom Firmware, using this you can copy content direct to a PC without using USB, and even play them back directly from your PC.

Can I keep my YouView box if I leave TalkTalk?

Re: Using youview box after contract ends The box will continue to work as a retail YouView box. You may have to do a maintenance reset for it to work on your new providers network. You will continue to get updates via TalkTalk to the box when they are scheduled. You will though lose all access to TalkTalk services.

Is YouView any good?

But for us, YouView is the best of three services. By some distance. With an easy-to-user interface and a great range of HD channels, it offers a great TV experience for a good price. Better still, you can get loads of extra channels and hours of on demand extras if you get the box via a BT TV or TalkTalk TV package.

Do I have to return my TalkTalk YouView box?

* If you have a package that includes TalkTalk TV you’ll also need to pay £75 for your set-top box unless you return it to us within 21 days. Just give us a call and we’ll send you a pre-paid returns bag.

Can you use TalkTalk box without Internet?

You can use YouView without an internet connection but… … Connecting to the internet gives you access to the backwards EPG, IP channels and On Demand content. Not having an internet connection will also inhibit your boxes ability to receive important software updates.

Why is my youview box not recording?

Make sure your box is switched on when a recording is in process. You can keep it in stand-by mode and it will still record. Try not to retune your channels when you have a recording in progress either. Make sure you have enough space on your box.

Can you copy recordings from a BT box?

Welcome to the forum. In a simple answer, the good news is yes. The recordings are yours to view, they remain on the hard drive. … If you wanted to copy recordings, connect to dvd recorder via scart or there is a way via HDMI using a convertor.

What apps can I get on YouView?

YouView offers access to most of the Freeview channels and radio stations (BBC, ITV, Channel 4, Channel 5 and many others), as well as the main internet-based catch-up apps.

Does YouView box work without contract?

If you are out of contract, then the box is yours. It will work as a normal YouView box, without the BT content. You can record FreeView as normal. I have a retail YouView box, without any BT Vision account, and it works just fine.

Can I control my YouView box with my phone?

The BT TV app (pictured) is available for download on Android or iOS devices and allows you to link it to your YouView box. … YouView says that you won’t need a BT account to use this app and from the end of March it will be available for everyone to use. You’ll then be able to go in and set recordings.

What do I do with my old BT YouView box?

We could be recycling them safely or putting them back into homes. Please return BT equipment to us when you stop using it. You may be charged if you decide to keep it. You’ll be charged for keeping any equipment you received from BT on or after 13 December 2019.

Do I have to pay for YouView?

A YouView Box FAQ We have thousands of free… The choice is yours. Buy a box from a retail store and you can use it subscription free. We have thousands of free On Demand programmes to watch but if you want a little more, we offer a range of subscription services, like Netflix, you can sign up to.

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