Quick Answer: Which Is Cheaper Tata Sky Or Airtel?

Which DTH is best and cheap?

Videocon d2h, often claimed as the “affordable” option to Tata Sky costs only Rs 3 lesser than Tata Sky, but offers 3 channels lesser as well. It is funny to note that this so-called affordable DTH is thrashed by Airtel Digital TV, which costs Rs 199 lesser for the exact same number of channels.

Is Tata Sky expensive?

Yes. Tata Sky is hugely expensive as DTH service provider goes. Each year they revise their plans. For example, I was subscribed to their most expensive pack which included all the channels on tatsky and it costs 500rs/month in first year of service.

Which is cheaper Tata Sky or Dish TV?

Tata Sky HD has much better picture quality than Dish TV HD. Tata Sky has the best coverage and is used by a maximum number of people in India. Tata Sky has a lot better customer service than Dish TV. I have subscribed to same channels on both DishTV and TataSky but Dish TV charges Rs.

Which is cheaper Dish TV or Airtel?

i)DishTV DTH: Some of the major points that make the DishTV DTH different from Airtel digital TV is given as follows: a)DishTV DTH is not a costly product; it is comparatively cheaper than other satellite service providers. b)DishTV DTH provides all the Doordarshan channels.

What is the monthly pack of Tata Sky?

Tata Sky Plans & Packages with price

Top 10 Tata Sky DTH Plans & Packages Validity Base Prices (Rs.)
Dhamaka 199 1 month 199
Family Kids 1 month 212
Kids Mini 1 month 28
Hindi Basic 1 month 191

6 more rows

How much does Tata Sky cost per month?

Tata Sky Base Plans & Packages 2020

Package Cost Per Month No. of Channels & Services
Hindi Basic Rs. 191.16 77
Hindi Basic HD Rs. 309.75 77
Family Kids Rs. 216.82 91
Family Kids HD Rs. 343.67 92

9 more rows

What is the cheapest pack of Tata Sky?

In my opinion TATA SKY my 99 plan is the cheapest and best package for your tata sky setup box. The price of the Tata Sky My 99 starts at Rs. 99 with a validity of 28 days. This Tata Sky My 99 offers up to 160 channels under 10 categories.

Is Tata Sky better or Airtel?

We can see that Airtel Digital TV is better than Tata Sky in almost each area. Hardware and software is same in both DTH services. User interface is also same but Airtel Digital TV has some plus points such as universal remote, more TV channels, etc which make Airtel DTH better than Tata Sky.

What is network fee of Tata Sky?

Most players are charging at the rate of Rs 1.20 to Rs 1.33 per extra channel. In case it’s an HD channel, it will be Rs 2.40 to 2.66 per channel. The theory behind this network charge — also known as network capacity fee or NFC — is that if you are using a bigger pipe, then you pay more for the same.

Which cable operator is best in India?

  • Airtel Digital TV. Airtel. BUY NOW Airtel is one of the leading DTH service providers in India.
  • DishTV. DishTV. BUY NOW.
  • Tata Sky. Tata Sky.
  • D2H (formerly Videocon D2H) Videocon DTH.
  • Sun Direct. Sun Direct.
  • DD Free Dish. DD Free Dish.
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What is the best dish TV package?

Dishtv Plans & Packages with price

Top 10 Dishtv DTH Plans & Packages Validity Base Prices (Rs.)
All Sports 1 month 330
New Super Family 1 month 250
Swagat Odia HD 1 month 234
New Titanium 1 month 475

6 more rows

Can I use Airtel dish for Tata Sky?

Can I use a Dish TV set top with a Tata Sky antenna? So use it at your own risk. The secret service menu present in Tata Sky and Airtel Digital TV DTH set top box can be used to setup the LNB, signal type, format the hard disk, master reset and much more.

Which is cheapest DTH in India?

Airtel DTH

The cheapest pack on SD is for Rs 275/month and covers most of the channels (including sports). The next pack is for Rs 330 with a few more channels.

Which is best cable or dish?

DISH vs CABLE: The DISH Advantage

In addition to a better value, DISH provides a better TV watching experience than cable with the Hopper 3: Watch 100% of your live and recorded TV from anywhere with DISH Anywhere. Watch up to 4 channels at once with Multi-View.

Which is best Sun Direct or Airtel?

Dish TV offers 400+ channels with 50+ HD channels. They also offer many channels in regional languages. Airtel TV, Tata Sky, Reliance TV, Sun Direct offers competitive rates and similar plans. However, Dish TV is the best DTH provider in India considering all these parameters.